NSP lights

luminaires NSP

name packing unit.

specifications type
NSP 04-60-002 “plastic milk” light bulb up to 60 watts, ceramic socket false
NSP 04-60-002 “plastic transparent”
NSP 04-60-002 “colored plastic”

Company “Yaltar” produces plastic products under the incandescent light bulb and a variety of other products, including pendant lamp NSP. Lamps of this type are provided with high-quality ceramic cartridges and equipped with different types of lenses. CPO lamp – is the ease of installation and reliability.

    is intended to cover:

  • areas with high moisture content and / or dust;
  • stores;
  • production facilities;
  • public and administrative buildings;
  • coal mines;
  • underground workings.
  • On demand production of lamps any color.

CPO lamp in demand and is often used in everyday life. They are widely used in various fields of activity and are widely used in construction for the protection of work sites. The company “Yaltar” offers its customers a comfortable shopping environment lighting, as well as taking orders for the production of lighting fixtures.