electric bells

electric door bell

    name packing unit.
    (carton / pallet)
    technical characteristics type
    Call electric household with thermal fuse 120/4
    220V, 50 Hz, UHL 4.2 «ZUMMER»

    Electric door bell “Zummer” is intended for short-term supply of sound signals in service, public and residential buildings. Rated voltage: 220V, Frequency: 50 Hz. Meets State Standards: Р521611-2004; Р51318141-2006(Р4); Р51318142-2006(Р5..7).
    Electric bell – at first glance, is not the most important thing in our lives, but without it does not do any modern home. How not to call the owners to know that someone has come to him?

And at the same time, history calls, as pagers , dates back to ancient times – when outside the main gates of the city hung a metal deck with attached hammer . This allowed the travelers who failed to get into the city to close the gate to inform custody of his presence and did not stay the night outside the city walls. Much later the doorbell began to appear at the door of houses of citizens. They performed the role of decoration, and the role of the door bell . Over time, the door bell and gradually developed in the early 20th century came the first electric bell .

The production company “Yaltar” is pleased to offer its customers an electric door bell “Zummer”. For more information you can always contact the phone numbers listed in the “Contact Us”.