ceramic sockets

ceramic sockets е27

    name packing unit.
    (carton / pallet)
    technical characteristics type
    socket 400 ceramic Е27
    socket a corner ceramic pendant

Ceramic socket E27 is designed for medium-wattage bulbs. It is used in the lighting equipment in the production of lamps and other lighting products. Ceramic socket E27 manufactured from ceramics using metal additives. This ensures long life and corrosion protection. Electrical socket provides the features of its structure – the connection of the lamp cap with sleeve chuck chuck body provides insulation.

Ceramic socket needs to fix the light bulb in the lamp. Screw diameters are ceramic sockets 14, 27 and 40 mm, respectively, which signals those e14, E27 and E40. Housings are made of ceramic or plastic. The most reliable and durable considered sockets made of ceramic with the addition of copper. This combination ensures a long service life and high efficiency. This cartridge is protected from corrosion, dust and protected from breakage.

Ceramic socket has been successfully used in both industrial lamps , and home fixtures . This mass distribution is made possible thanks to the peculiarities of the socket E27 – high reliability and long service life . To replace it requires no special skills . In the ceramic socket E27 body consists of two parts , bolted together , and porcelain liner in between. On one side of the liner positioned screw terminals for connecting wires, and a hearse hand – contact in surrounding sleeve lamp spring contact and pressed against the contact of the lamp base .

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