About us

Dear customers! Welcome to the site of “Yaltar” Company

“Yaltar” is a dynamically developing company and a long-time manufacturer of plastic products. The production of lights is our main activity. The company has proved itself a reliable partner. Much attention is given to the quality of the products. We have been constantly working at the following issues, defining the level of the service:

  • Customized approach
  • Quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Compliance with deadline

The company offers a wide range of lighting equipment for domestic, industrial and residential facilities and for external lighting. The company elaborates highly qualified personnel, and the production manager has 30-year experience both in private business and in military industrial enterprises. The use of brand-new equipment and high-quality materials together with experienced personnel provides the high quality of the output. Vandalproof modification of the corresponding models allows protecting the equipment during operation.

Our specialists are always ready to help you to incorporate any idea, from the design and development to the production of lights. Our production line is equipped with modern facilities, which allow manufacturing plastic production with high rates and accuracy and executing orders for large lots within a short time!

We are always ready to support mutually beneficial cooperation and to advise you in any matters of your concern. Our managers will inform you of our facilities and select the best technical and commercial solutions!

Besides our own production “Yaltar” imports lighting equipment by the best western and Russian manufacturers.

Call us +7 (8352) 360-428, if you are interested in high-quality products, which will help you to save your money both at purchase and in operation.